Online Seller Advantage                    

All real estate companies market on the Internet. Because of Berkshire Hathaway's exclusive agreement with Yahoo!, I can now provide buyer activity generated from Yahoo! The Online Seller Advantage allows me to track search results on Yahoo! Berkshire Hathaway is the only real estate company that partners with one of the largest Internet portals.

Once you list your home with me, this is how it works:

1. Regular Search Results

On a daily or weekly basis, I will send you Yahoo! search results about buyer interest in your home. In addition, you will receive news about other homes in your immediate market area that are comparable to your home.



2. Featured Property Status on Yahoo!

As my client, your property will receive a Featured Property icon to further differentiate your home from other search results on Yahoo!’s Real Estate website.


3. Unique Yahoo! Sign Rider

This sign rider goes on the for sale sign in your yard. The number on the sign is unique to your property. In addition to the sign, I use this unique number in all the marketing I do for you.

When a potential buyer types your unique Yahoo! ID into the Yahoo! search bar, your home’s details are presented to them. They bypass the need to search for your home by filtering through a list of results, and more importantly, no other listings are shown. It would be my pleasure to create a report for you detailing the interest in homes like yours in your neighborhood.