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Carrie Foley

Carrie Foley

Northwest Real Estate

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If you are looking for a real estate agent who is not only considerate of your wants/needs/desires, but also an agent who is non biased, highly educated in the real estate business, and demonstrates a professional demeanor - Carrie Foley is the perfect agent for you. I worked with Carrie through  the process of purchasing my new beautiful home. She promptly communicated any additional information I was seeking throughout the process and did so in a way that left me well informed and confident in all decisions I made throughout the process. I couldn't have asked for a better agent to work with. I highly recommend Carrie as an agent to anyone seeking a new home and I gaurentee that your transition will be as smooth as it could possibly be! The Greenough Family
Excellent, knowledgeable real estate agent with a grounded perspective of home sales. Cary a was a pleasure to work with and I recommend that others contact her for support in their home transactions. mangycow
Carrie is always just a text away. Very knowledgeable and patient with the entire process. The housing market was in a tricky situation but everything went much smoother than we had anticipated. Pleasure working with her and her team. user43772304
Carrie is exceptional at what she does. I had a great experience with her and I cannot see myself with another agent as this was my first time buying a home. All nuances were adressed and she made sure to keep me updated for whatever circumstances there were. For all the decisions I made, she was  prompt and ready to figure out the numbers. She was on top of her game and I have learned a lot through this process as well.  ouk soka
carrie was able to help sell our previous home as well as help us purchase our new home shortly after carrie is flexible, has good communication skills and was courteous renespectre
If you are searching for a real estate agent who has vast knowledge of the local market, proven home buying and selling expertise, is quick to respond to your inquiries and has keen negotiation skills then look no further than Carrie Foley. As a first time home buyer I was anxious about the  home buying process. Carrie eased my mind from our very first meeting. She walked me through every step of the home buying experience, listened to my home owner needs vs wants, quickly responded to my inquiries and requests to view homes, passed on recommendations for several well qualified loan officers, home inspectors, and roofing experts, and had a plan of attack for every situation that arose from making an offer, to negotiating counter-offers and ensuring my best home buying interests were served. She is professional, perceptive and enjoyable to team with. Thanks to Carrie's hard work, attention to detail and support I am a delighted first time home owner. seattlepalm
I can not express how great of an Real Estate agent Carrie Foley is. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of selling a home. I knew I was in good hands the whole time and she worked very hard in selling our home. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone because she is the greatest &  easiest to work with. k sigurdson89
Occasionally you have the good fortune to work with people who are at the top of their game professionally and a pleasure to be around. Carrie is that kind of person. She is an incredibly knowledgeable Realtor with an excellent understanding of Seattle-area communities and markets and she has  outstanding inter-personal skills. As a trusted-partner, Carrie exceeded our expectations in every facet of our home purchase-- from the search, through contract negotiations, and closing activities. For someone with such a high degree of expertise we found Carrie’s willingness to go the ‘extra mile’ for us both rare and refreshing. We are confident you’ll be as happy as we are to have Carrie on your team. While we had a good sense of the home we wanted, living out of state, we lacked local knowledge and our initial search area was quite large (from Covington to Warm Beach). When we came to Seattle, time was at a premium and with Carrie’s local knowledge, we were quickly able to hone our search and find the home we wanted in one week. Carrie is an excellent listener – tuned into what we said and didn’t say – and quickly adjusted to provide the support we wanted and needed. She didn’t overpower us with her opinions – ever. Carrie gave us space to view each home the way we wanted. She’d offer helpful observations here and there, sometimes validating a thought we had by providing facts about the area or market, sometimes pointing out things we might have missed, or a line of thought that we had not considered. Her observations were always presented in a professional, thoughtful, and respectful way that made it easy for us to feel confident in the decisions we reached. There were several instances where it was clear that Carrie’s goal was to ensure we achieved the best possible outcome; she was much more interested in us than in her commission and it showed. Finally, Carrie’s skills were extremely valuable in helping us navigate negotiations. We were very pleased with the inspector she recommended. Her knowledge of the contractual process, promptness, thoroughness, and attention to detail really reinforced that we had made the right decision in selecting her to represent us. user6918810
Carrie did an outstanding job as my listing agent. I interviewed 4 worthy candidates and she definitely stood out as the one to hire. Other agents advised me to list my 4 bd, 2.5 bath Lynnwood rambler for between 349k-375k and could expect a final sales price of around 350-380k. After extensive  market research Carrie decided to list for 399k and after 10 days we accepted the highest offer which was 445k! Carrie's pictures and staging were truly top notch. Her communication through the process was also outstanding. I learned quickly that she does not need to be micromanaged. Just hire her and let her do her thing! I couldn't have been happier with the product and service I received and would highly recommend her. This review is a long time coming, sorry it took me so long to get around to it Carrie. Thanks again for everything, Charles BillJoseph
Carrie is clearly an experienced realtor, she keeps you informed every step of the way and is extremely knowledgeable. She is responsive and easy to communicate with. We would highly recommend her. zuser20161010165220591
Carrie is the consummate pro, knowledgeable, reliable, totally trustworthy. She helped me buy some years ago, always stayed in touch, when it came time to sell. There was only one choice, Carrie Flyguy35
If you are looking for a real estate agent who is not only considerate of your wants/needs/desires, but also an agent who is non biased, highly educated in the real estate business, and demonstrates a professional demeanor - Carrie Foley is the perfect agent for you. I worked with Carrie through  the process of purchasing my new beautiful home. She promptly communicated any additional information I was seeking throughout the process and did so in a way that left me well informed and confident in all decisions I made throughout the process. I couldn't have asked for a better agent to work with. I highly recommend Carrie as an agent to anyone seeking a new home and I gaurentee that your transition will be as smooth as it could possibly be!  greenoughjesse
Carrie was great to work with on all accounts. She is knowledgeable, dependable, responsive, communicative, understanding and patient. The sale of my property was unusual and lengthy - through no fault of Carrie's at all. Yet she worked with me all the way to a great result. I don't believe I  could have found anyone better than Carrie to work with in my situation. I highly recommend Carrie as a great agent and a great person. mackaret
Carrie's local knowledge & experience in the market proved to be very helpful. She would give honest opinions of the neighborhoods we looked at & would steer us away if it didn't seem like a fit for our family. Our needs were always top priority over the sale. She is always reachable & quick to  respond to requests. TonyPfiffner
SHE'S AMAZIIIING!!!! High marks all around! Ever since day one she has been very attentive to my questions about home buying.Made it all very simple and easy to understand.She is a realtor that I'd refer to anybody in the state of Washington for sure.Plus as a consultant for any questions I may  have or endeavors in the future.Amazing!!! scoobertgilacudi87
Carrie is very knowledgeable. She made me feel confident about selling my condo. She always updated me about things and never made me feel out of the loop. I would definitely recommend her. kanavyluos
Carrie was wonderful. We were blessed to quickly find a fantastic home that met all our needs. She was completely on top of everything and anticipated needs before they arose. From start to finish Carrie was excellent! We highly recommend her! BrutalRain
Carrie was very knowledgeable about the unique situation we were in and laid out our options very clearly which ended up getting our perfect house. She helped so much with an awful lender experience. user0290920
Carrie did great for me. Showed houses and I actually went with the first one she showed me after viewing a bunch. Worked closely with me to get me in the place asap. Continued to help me contact the seller after I closed to answer questions about the house. user8741972
Thumbs up for Carrie! She turned a potentially traumatic process into a pleasant experience. From the time we had our first meeting to the time we had a contract was less than two weeks, and with the best result. She is extremely knowledgable about the market, efficient and also has uncanny skills  to market and present our home. What we like the most about her is her friendliness and conscientious work ethnic. She was with us every step of the way. We felt lucky to find someone with whom we felt so comfortable and totally trust. Big Mahalo to you, Carrie.  john f hicks
Carrie helped my wife and I find a home that we truly loved. We looked at approximately 30 homes with her and she was very knowledgeable of the area as well as the surrounding area. She was there for us every step of the way. Very helpful and understanding. Top notch service. biznuddy
I am a tax professional and also have a broker's license in a different state. So, I no doubt expect a lot from another professional. Carrie certainly did not fail me in this area. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and had a good handle on the comps in the area. I plan to use her this  summer to sell another property in the same state. She won't disappoint you!! rebel1717
Carrie helped me as a first time home buyer greatly through the process. She is very patient and knowledgeable. She was always there when I had a question and explained simply enough that I could understand,I think very highly of her and her team and plan to use her in the future if decide to go  home hunting again. Thanks Carrie.  kevtomwar
My wife and I are first time home buyers, and as such, had a lot to learn. We got in contact with Carrie after we asked our lender, upon getting pre-approved (Caliber Loans in Bothell), if they might know a Realtor who would be able to guide us through the search and purchase process successfully.  We are a couple of somewhat limited means, especially considering the very hot marketplace we were looking in - as close to Redmond as possible. But we had prepared as best we could, and set out in earnest with her help, to find something perhaps so modest as a condo or even a manufactured home, even if we had to drive much further to work than we did prior. The last rent increase in Bothell and Woodinville, the area we were living, was over 12% year to year, so we were highly encouraged to move before our lease was up! It was a difficult search in many ways - a few years ago, our income would have presented us a much wider array of options! And we knew that, in the case of a good property we could afford, we would likely be competing against other highly motivated buyers. Carrie took the time to explain to us the entire process, from the pre-approval we already got, to how to make an offer, then what sort of preparations we would need afterwards if our offer was accepted, however, instilling needed confidence in us. When we did make a bid, we had to do so quickly - it was an unusual property, with unusual requirements! A local program, called Arch, sets income/household requirements on a select number of houses/condos in my area, sheltering them from very well off buyers and in this case single buyers, while keeping the price from increasing but a set amount a year until, typically, 30 or 50 years have passed since the house has been built. A comparable home across the street was for sale, for instance, for well over $100,000 more - even among a smaller selection of buyers, this was a highly desirable property! Carrie helped us craft a compelling offer, even though we could only offer 5% down on a conventional loan. We increased our earnest money, and went with a clause stating we could not back out without reason, at least if we wanted to keep it! Our offer was accepted over 8 others, and I know it was a near thing - if I hadn't also done a bit of extra work with my lender to ensure they were highly confident in us, with Carrie's encouragement, we wouldn't have been chosen! My wife and I could not have gone in hoping for such a good outcome. We're where we wanted to be, location wise, in a home that truly fits our needs, in everything from cost, to the details we had laid out at the beginning of the process for what we wanted. Surely we would have been happier with far less, and further from work, so we're still stunned today that we've managed all we have, thanks to diligence and work encouraged by and also performed by Carrie. She was forthright about what we would need to do, and proactive on our behalf, and I could not have asked for more. I wholeheartedly will recommend her here, and to my friends alike, with no reservations. Thank you again, Carrie! procyonid
Carrie provided excellent service. She was always quick to respond. In fact, it felt as if we were her only clients. We were particularly impressed with her ability to help us navigate any issues that arose during the lending phase - which ended up being a bit of a headache for us. Next time, we  will be sure to use her recommendation for a lender to avoid this.  theakst1
Your review helps others decide on the right agent for them. Please tell others why you recommend this agent .Carrie represented me very well in both buying and selling my house. She helped walked me through a process that was previously inexperienced with. Carrie is currently helping with the  purchase of my next house. I am committed to use Carrie exclusively on future purchases and sales. I highly recommend Carrie to anyone in need of a real estate professional for buying or selling property. Rclogston
Carrie helped my husband and I buy our first home. Her knowledge of the area we wanted, tips on how to look for a house and her expertise in dealing with Fannie Mae made the experience far easier than we expected it to be. She was very responsive and extremely patient with all our questions! We  would recommend Carrie to anyone buying or selling a home, especially first time buyers like us. Tara Westfall
I've now worked with Carrie as both a renter in a property she managed, and as a buyer of my first home. She was so great to work with as a renter that I knew she'd be the broker I'd reach out to when it came time to buy, and I did! I knew that one of the most important things to me in a realtor  was trust. Because I had worked with Carrie previously this came naturally, but I think that she would quickly earn anyone's trust. My initial conversations with Carrie about potentially purchasing a home involved her advice, when we decided to move forward with beginning the searching process (after I was preapproved through a lender that Carrie recommended, Matt Allen at Cobalt Mortgage), we met to discuss the entire process from start to finish so I would know exactly what to expect each step of the way. She made me feel so comfortable and set my expectation for the entire process. When I found a home I wanted and decided to make an offer, another offer came in as well. Carrie helped negotiate a strong offer to make sure I came out the buyer. As we altered the offer through the negotiation process she explained why and how we were changing the offer and what it meant for me financially so I wasn't signing into something I didn't understand. After the inspection uncovered a water heater that was on the verge of a breakdown which the seller refused to replace, many sellers would walk away, Carrie offered advice on the market, and her professional opinion about the the home and made me comfortable with my decision to stick out the purchase. I simply could not recommend Carrie enough. She lives in Snohomish County, and she knows the area like the back of her hang. She's so well versed in real estate and in the local market and real estate in general, anyone would feel comfortable with her as their realtor. When it's time to sell this home I know exactly who I'll be calling. zuser20140314173816937
Carrie helped us recently purchase our investment property in the Seattle area. Her excellent knowledge of the area and her real estate expertise made the whole process much easier than we had expected since we live in California. We really appreciate her patience and great attitude during the  transaction and would definitely recommend her! Mahyad Siadat
Carrie was very efficient and attentive to our needs. I would recommend her to anyone. Everything went very smoothly and Carrie let us know when everything was moving along. Marge Haglin
We were very happy with Carrie. She was always available to answer any questions we had and very responsive with emails. We were first time home buyer and it was really nice having a very knowledgeable agent to help us. We would recommend Carrie to anyone that needs a real estate agent. Thank you  so much Carrie!  mjsilves
Carrie sold our home in Lynnwood and, from start to finish, showed us that she really puts her clients first. Carrie put together a well-thought out and complete marketing plan and followed through with attention throughout the process, even when we had one buyer back out just prior to closing and  had to re-list; we had two new buyers in a week! When we had a miscommunication about a contract term, Carrie stepped up and dealt with it in a professional and friendly way that made us happy. Carrie goes the extra mile for her clients and we definitely recommend her.  Sharif.shama
Carrie showed us multiple homes, across a few weeks of searching. She answered all of our questions and helped us make the best decision. She was always responsive with our emails. Thanks Carrie! Brigid Tull
As a first-time home buyer, working with Carrie has been amazing. She made the process of finding the right home for me incredibly simple and pain-free. She was always available to answer questions or show available properties and constantly kept me updated throughout the home buying process. Not  once did I feel any pressure to settle for a place, which is what I was told to expect from other real estate agents. I truly got the sense that she cared that her clients found the right home for them and she worked hard to ensure that I was satisfied before closing. I would highly recommend Carrie to anyone without hesitation.  faithryder02
Carrie Foley and I have been acquaintances for many years. I knew her well enough that when it was time to sell our condo I had full confidence that she would get the job done! We were not disappointed. Our sale ran into some challenges as far as potential buyers financing ect. but Carrie walked us  through the processes and kept us informed and moving forward! We are very Thankful for her hard work!
I would definitely recommend Carrie. She's quick to respond, knowledgeable of the area, and has a passion for what she does. As a first time homebuyer, she made this whole process simple and smooth. Not to mention - the first offer we submitted was ACCEPTED. Can't ask for much more than that! lmaltos
I would definitely recommend Carrie for any type of buyer/seller. She definitely has a passion for what she does and she's great at it. The thing I liked most about using Carrie as my real estate agent was that she was always super fast to respond - no matter the time of day. In addition, she  always kept me updated along the whole closing process which I'm grateful for since I'm a worry-holic! She always assured me everything was fine though :) We even ended up getting a good deal and the first offer I wrote up with her was accepted. Everything was a smooth process with Carrie LeticiaMaltos
Carrie assisted us greatly in some 11th hour shenanigans from the seller. She reassured us, told us of our options, and there wasn't a moment that I didn't feel we had an advocate on our side.

In addition to that, Carrie is very knowledgeable and loves imparting her knowledge to those  that may not have the expertise as her. We selected an excellent agent!
Carrie was a tremendous source of information throughout the process from the first meeting to discuss plans to sell our home up until final closing. Her quick response times and knowledge of every step that needed to be taken care of made our sale very quick and as "pain free" as possible. We have  no hesitations in recommending Carrie to a potential seller. jeffreypoertner
Carrie was the definition of professionalism throughout the process of selling our home. She answered all our questions and concerns up front, put together a very comprehensive marketing plan and sold our house very quickly. She was always available via phone, email, or text to answer our  questions and made what can be a very stressful process go as smoothly as possible and always with a positive attitude! We would (and will) recommend her highly to anyone who asks if we know of a good realtor.  zuser20140616185002863
She knew how to target neighborhoods down to my very specific criteria, all over Snohomish county. She would answer emails and texts day or night within mere minutes of my asking complex or vague questions about both process and even after sale question and troubles. She ably negotiated a low bid  price, closing costs, and made it clear when should legally could and could not provide advice.

Highly knowledgeable, very professional, profoundly helpful. 
yuu reason
Carrie did a funtastic job for me to find an investment home. It took me a while to select a home but Carrie showed alot of patience and understanding. I felt she was thorough in doing research and was very approachable. I find Carrie very hard-working, polite person and knowledgable on real estate  matters. I have had bad experiences with other agents in past when buying homes. But finding an investment home with Carrie I had the best experience ever. If you looking for an agent to buy a house, I would highly recommend her. ASA Estate
Out of everything else going on in my life, Carrie made my home buying process simple and efficient. She helped me find the right home for the right price. davegcurry
Carrie was great. She really knows the area and always stayed calm even when we were getting frustrated with the market. We must have looked at 50 houses and put in offers on 3, each time getting into a bidding war. She offered valuable insights and let us take the lead when it came to making  decisions zuser20140612125735935
My wife and I were first time home buyers, and found Carrie through Yelp because several people called out her knowledge of the area and assistance with the home buying process. We both aren't originally from Washington so we had a lot to learn about the area. Carrie knows area very well and is a  great resource when it comes to learning about the northern King Co. Snohomish Co. areas. She had great recommendations for financiers that work just as hard and are as knowledgeable about the industry. Overall the process was new, exciting, and gratifying. Carrie helped us become happy home owners.  zuser20140528094849437
Carrie is a great person to work with while buying a home. She always is available to show the homes and is always there to answer questions, anytime of day. She made our first time easier. Thank you Carrie. You are awesome!!! LisaLangill
We were so pleased with the professional and, at the same time, warm attitude of Carrie during the looking and purchasing process. Her calmness and steady encouragement, as we spent hours searching for the right home, gave us confidence that she would persevere until we located just the right  property. We gladly and highly recommend Carrie. L Losflojos_2
Carrie is very patient and professional. She is caring and conscience of what the needs are for my family and made everthing much easier, taking the stress of buying away. I would recommend her to anyone. mlmartin1230
She did an fantastic job! when ever we had a bump in the process she new exactly what to do to get through it. I had an issue with the first financing agent and she helped me get a new one and close within 2 weeks. Kept me up to date on each step of the process. Extremely helpful! user9565908
Carrie helped my husband and I buy our first house. We had little knowledge about the process but Carrie helped us all the way through. She was very patient with us while we figured out what we wanted in a house and showed us many properties and was very prompt about answer the numerous questions  we had. When we finally found a home we liked, she helped us negotiate a price and we closed quickly. I am very happy with the fantastic job she did and she made our first home purchase a breeze. If we need to sell or decide to buy more property, we will definitely go with her again. user8520118
I met with Carrie in person but handled my entire transaction long distance. She immediately put me at ease with her knowledge and honesty. I couldn't believe how easy she made the process for me. She always kept me in the loop and always responded right away. She went above and beyond all  expectations every step of the way. I would definitely recommend Carrie to anyone looking for a great Real Estate Agent! tleeshibata
Carrie was very patient, great at communicating and always had my best interests in mind. She was very friendly and was always willing to meet no matter what day it was. I never had to worry about whether everything was on schedule or not. I really appreciated having Carrie as my realtor and would  highly recommend her.  user9669703
Carrie worked hard to keep us advised quickly of the process, progress, and helped address and resolve a multitude of questions and challenges in closing and finalizing our new home. She helped us save both time and money and achieved a win-win to our satisfaction. She did not give up on the many  time consuming tries to find us a home that met our needs, and after many man-hours of search and travel viewing, was successful in finding and help us in the final selection and closing process.  schill
My husband and I were first-time home-buyers and had heard good things about Carrie. We had been using another Realtor that wasn't very responsive and we were getting frustrated trying to wait for a call back. Carrie was wonderful! She always got right back to us, had so much knowledge and was so  patient answering all our questions and just taking us through the home-buying process. We also got a short-sale which was very touch and go for awhile and she was always on top of it and was just overall wonderful to work with. We're so glad we had Carrie as our first Realtor and we've already recommended her to friends and family! user43772304

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